Lanyard Attachments

These are our standard attachments that are used on most of the lanyards we make. If you have any questions regarding attachments that aren't listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. We have done many different custom lanyard and attachment configurations in the past, so it is definitely worth discussing your ideas with us and seeing if we can make the product you have in mind.

Main attachments

Swivel Hook

Our most common attachment. Durable, versatile, and great for many different uses.

Split Ring

Sometimes called a key ring. Perfect if the lanyard will be used for keys.

Key Clip

Similar functionality to the swivel hook, but stronger. The spring loaded latch is very easy to open.

Badge Clip

Also called a bulldog clip. Perfect for lanyards that will hold badge holders or credentials.

Key Grip

Much like the swivel hook and key clip, but heavier duty. The spring latch is pushed down to open it.

Loop Clip

Also called a lobster claw. It is made from thick metal and is very strong and durable.

Plastic Swivel Hook

Much like the swivel hook, but made of strong plastic. Perfect for lanyards that can’t have metal.

USB Buckle Loop

A small loop for USB drives or other electronics. It is also a buckle to detach it from the lanyard.

Rubber ”O”-Ring / Bottle Ring

A large black rubber “O” ring mostly used for attaching a water bottle to the lanyard. Different sizes are available.

Split Ring with Badge Clip & Loop

The split ring is sewn into the lanyard, then the badge clip and the loop attaches the badge to the split ring. Allows for easy removal of badge.

Carabiner Clip Attachment

A small metal carabiner clip. Very durable. Standard color is black. Ask about additional colors that may be available.

Buckles, Latches, and Other Attachments

Plastic Safety Release

A small plastic latch that is sewn into the back of the lanyard. If the lanyard is caught or snagged, this clip releases and reduces the risk of the lanyard injuring the wearer.

Velcro Safety Release

Works the same as the plastic safety release, but uses a velcro latch instead of a plastic one. It does require a bit more force to release than the plastic release.

Standard Buckle Release

A buckle between the lanyard and the attachment. This lets you quickly release everything attached to the lanyard. Works with any main attachment.

Swivel Buckle Release

This buckle works the same as the standard buckle release, but the buckle swivels back and forth, and has a single button that is pushed to release the main attachment.

Metal Crimp

An alternative to having the lanyard sewn at the bottom. This is usually used on our half inch and narrower lanyards, but can be used on wider lanyards.

Adjustable Bead

A push-button locking adjustable bead. This can be slid up and down the lanyard to allow you to adjust the size of the neck loop of the lanyard. Locks in place when button is released.

The Attachments of a Lanyard